Funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services, a program of the Stephenson County Health Department

The Local Interagency Council (LIC) is a support group for parents and providers of children with special needs. They offer provider presentations, and coordinate the Extra Steps Monthly Support group. This group meets monthly every other month at 9:30 at the Freeport Public Library on the third Thursdays.  

The Early Childhood Consortium (ECC) is a membership fee-based group of providers offering preschool or childcare services to the community. They offer both evening and daytime training opportunities specific to childcare providers; provide an annual scholarship to a Highland Community College Early Childhood Student; and maintain a library of "prop boxes" that child care providers can use to supplement their curriculum.

The AOK Network is a broader overarching collaboration working to build the entire system of care where all families get the services they need, children are born healthy, stay healthy, and enter school ready to learn.  The Network involves all programs serving children and families 0-8 years old.  

What is the difference between AOK, LIC (Local Interagency Council), and ECC (Early Childhood Consotrtium)?
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The AOK Network is open to anyone who works with children ages 0-8.
The group meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Freeport Public Library from 9:00am - 11:00am.

Workgroups meet as follows:
Ready for School - 1st Tuesday 10:00am at the Health Department
Membership - 3rd Tuesday 9:00am at the Health Department
Baby Friendly - 4th Tuesday 9:00am at the Health Department

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How do I get involved with the AOK Network? 
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There is no monetary cost to become a Network member, simply your volunteer time. There are subcomittees that you may be interseted in serving on in addition to the monthly meetings. Your attendance is not mandatory in any way. You are able to participate as your time allows, and we greatly appreciate your input.

Funding for the AOK Network is provided by the Illinois Department of Human Services.  Our funds flow through the Stephenson County Health Department.  We receive intermittent supplemental funds for project based work from United Way of Northwest Illinois, Freeport Community Foundation, and the March of Dimes. 
What Does It Cost to Become a Network Member?
One of the great benefits of participation in the AOK Network is that you can still receive all the benefits and attend meetings as your schedule allows.  

If you are unable to attend a meeting, you can view the minutes and attachments on this website.  
What if I can't attend regular Network meetings? 
We are an action group that works off a strategic plan that is updated every 5 years.  We work on goals toward that plan every month.

We also plan community events, promotions, write cooperative grants, and collaborate to ensure we don't duplicate services or programs.

We act as the advisory board for both the Healthy Families Illinois Program and the Parents as Teachers program. During network meetings we receive updates, and hear success stories from these groups.  
What do you do at regular Network meetings